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Tuscany is probably one of the few places in the World that is part of almost anyone´s bucket list.

And rightly so...  Tuscany is, after all, a part of Italy which is definitely one of the best countries in the world to visit and travel. There you´ll find the tastiest food you can eat, the incredibly delicious wines, the religion, the history, the unique culture, and last but not least, its people. 

So it was with great pleasure and surprise that in mid May last year I received an invitation from a friend to join her for a few days on a trip to Tuscany in June. The original plan only included a weekend break in Florence with a chance of a stopover at Pisa... That plan didn´t last long as I quickly turned it into a week long road trip over Tuscany´s winding roads and secluded villages.

Very soon I was landing in Florence, the city of arts and one of my most anticipated destinations ever since I was a teenager. 

The next six days would take me over an unforgettable road trip on which I would drive almost 2.000km across the entire tuscan region. Its endless golden wheat fields are only ripped apart by neverending roads that will make you remember it forever.

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