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Iceland had been on my radar for a long time since I started looking for a way of chasing the elusive and unimaginable beautiful Northern Lights.

The first mental image you get when you think of Iceland is of an inhabitable icy dry place. The true Land of Fire and Ice, filled with active volcanoes and immense glaciers. So, every time you think of it you start scratching your head wondering why on Earth would you think of laying your feet on the island. 

So, last year, during one of those usual hot days in my home country, Portugal, I decided that I had waited for too long and I would finally go to Iceland in October; I would once again try to have a glimpse at the beauty of the Aurora Borealis and its dance on the North. One year before I had watched it over Norway´s skies, but it was not enough... A one week roadtrip plan was designed and I started bracing for the expected tough conditions of the country.  

I couldn´t be more wrong about Iceland and the extraordinary surprises and beauty it reserved for us. It is the Earth as it was created; one planet condensed in an island lost in the North sea, with the size of Spain and with the population of a middle sized city. Nothing short of an uncanny experience.

If you want to know more about the trip, you can find it out here or through the link below.